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Coaching with Systemic Constellations

What is this program about?

This is an innovative, new coach training program designed to introduce advanced coaches to the powerful methodology of ‘Systemic Constellation’. This work has long been used in therapeutic settings, but it is only recently beginning to be recognized for its potential in the field of coaching.

Poised on the leading edge of human evolution, systemic constellations can be implemented in alignment with International Coach Federation Competencies, and aid the emergence of valuable insights, information and ideas in a coaching session. The method assists coaches and clients to explore the larger fields of information operating behind the scenes of any given topic, and illuminate the deeper systemic influences a play.

This empowering way of exploring context will offer rich new perspectives, insights and ideas for you and your clients to consider in order to make better choices. The constellation method unlocks potential; assists with problem solving; shifts limiting patterns and much more.

Who should attend this training?

This advanced coach training is for experienced coaches who are ready to take their coaching to the next level. It is designed to stretch, inspire and evolve you both personally and professionally.

To learn and use this holistic method effectively, it is necessary to realize that the quality of the space we hold for our clients is directly related to the wholeness we are able to embody within ourselves. The program is highly experiential and as we learn the foundations, the first work you will experience is on yourself.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for coaches who are serious about facilitating change. Participants should be willing to step into a high degree of presence, openness, empathy and vulnerability in order to maximize their own learning experience, and the experiences of the other learners.

The course includes theoretical discussion, practical learning exercises, experience and demos coaching with constellations 1-1 and with groups. Students will also receive three private 1-1 constellation sessions with Kim, as well as participate in 3 online Constellation Coaching Circles as part of the practical completion requirements for the course. A certificate of completion and ICF-CCEUs will be available for this program.

Course content:

  • History and theoretical background of constellation work, including references, related disciplines and supporting theory
  • Ethics of coaching with constellations and alignment with ICF coaching competencies
  • Systems theory – The emergent and self-organizing intelligence of systems
  • Open and closed systems
  • Working with the ‘quantum field’ as an evolving consciousness
  • The systemic coach mindset
  • Contextual thinking and the ‘systemic lens’
  • Mapping systems
  • Meta-positions
  • Mindfulness, presence and mind-body relationship
  • Technologies to support online constellation work
  • Other considerations for online work, including group and 1-1 formats
  • Exploring intuition and instinct
  • Systemic awareness and listening – learning the language of the filed
  • 5 core governing systemic principles
  • Systemic questions and healing statements connected to the 5 basic principles
  • Exploration of family systems – our primary system and its influence on our daily experiences
  • Exploring the systemic dynamics in a coach and client relationship
  • Intention, focus and goal setting for work with constellations
  • Various ways of working with clients online, 1-1
  • Prototypical constellations (learning models)
  • Diagnostic constellations
  • Structural constellations
  • Other ways of engaging systemic principles into coaching sessions
  • Considerations for before and after constellation work
  • 1-1, small group and large group practice, mentoring and feedback

What previous participants of have say about this training:

“Experiential. Ground-breaking. Excellent for intuitive coaches or other people-workers 🙂 A great combination of learning new information and skills while experiencing actual benefit from the work itself. “

“Kim is an awesome leader, coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. She teaches from her heart. I highly recommend seeking her assistance and attending her workshops.”

“This workshop was a profound experience for me. Kim artfully held space for us to learn about the Constellations work intellectually as well as to directly experience the benefits. As a coach, I appreciate her connecting the wisdom of mind and body in a way which made sense to both my brain and intuition. I would recommend this training to any heart-based coach who knows that there is much more to any client (or situation) than meets the eye.”

This online program will begin in 2020.

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