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Constellation Coaching Circle

An Evolutionary Workshop for Coaches, Healers and Holistic Practitioners

The ‘Constellation Coaching Circle’ workshop is a transformative and experiential program specifically for committed coaches, healers and holistic practitioners who realize that the quality of the space we hold for our clients is directly related to the wholeness we are able to embody within ourselves. This program is designed to stretch, inspire and evolve you personally and professionally.

This two day workshop draws from the rich methodology of Systemic Constellations. Developed by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, constellation work originally focused on family systems to disclose the deeper forces that unknowingly influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences through multiple generations. Now, this approach is applied to all kinds of systems including business, organizational tams, nature and social issues in our communities and beyond. I have been facilitating and incorporating constellation process work into my coaching and practice since 2008 and work within a solution focused coaching framework. Constellations can rapidly accelerate our intuition, awareness emotional intelligence and ability to effectively work with the emerging complexity of our times.

In Systemic Constellations, we clarify the intention for the inquiry and set up a model of the elements to be explored. As participants ‘step in’ and embody various aspects of the system, they sense and express the essential qualities of the aspect they are representing. The greater intelligence and hidden dynamics within the system are expressed through movements, statements and other clues that point the way to greater flow, expansion and re-solutions. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for coaches and other holistic practitioners to deeply explore key questions related to our personal and professional lives businesses, etc. using an empowering and truly transformative lens.

On day one…

…we will take time to formulate your intentions and areas of focus using solution-focused coaching frameworks. Your aims and personal evolutionary questions for the two days will profoundly guide the work we do together. Through day one, background and principles of systemic constellations will be introduced to further everyone’s understanding and comfort with of how this work works. Through experiential practices incorporating space, movement and embodied presence we will work with many exercises and ‘mini constellations’ to explore some key principles of this methodology. Through this structured unfolding of day one, we will each notice aspects of our own self and professional practice that may be emerging as areas for deeper exploration on day 2.

On day two…

…we will go further with constellation exercises as well as the opportunity for each participant to bring more personal and professional questions to be looked at and worked with. For example, this may include constellation processes that:

  • Move you beyond blocks, blind spots or limiting beliefs
  • Connect you more deeply to your strengths, resources and supports
  • Explore business and money related questions
  • Look at all nature of relationships
  • Reflect marketing and client attraction queries
  • Reveal approaches to expand your service and contribution
  • Deepen personal inquiries and positively shift situation
  • Develop practical strategies for action
  • …and more.

Utilizing group coaching technologies and circle process, we will debrief, share and reflect around each experience and progress at a pace that is comfortable for all. There will be space and flexibility for co-creation and “what wants to happen” as we move through both days.

What previous participants have to say about this work:

“Experiential. Ground-breaking. Excellent for intuitive coaches or other people-workers 🙂 A great combination of learning new information and skills while experiencing actual benefit from the work itself. “

“An intense work of discovering your inner self that may help you to release, dissolve some entaglements from which you can move forward. A work that helps to see from a systemic view point.”

“Kim is an awesome leader, coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. She teaches from her heart. I highly recommend seeking her assistance and attending her workshops.”

“I felt in awe in which the depth, compassion, comfort and expertise that Kim led our group through truly life transformational work. I have attended many workshops, but with Coach for Life, I felt fundamentally different, better and easier about moving forward with more grace and ease myself into a future that feels more real and achievable instead of a far away dream.”

“Kim was very professional and able to make people feel comfortable. She gave people the space to express themselves, she is extremely respectful of your own thoughts and a valuable guidance and presence during the constllations.”

“This workshop was a profound experience for me. Kim artfully held space for us to learn about the Constellations work intellectually as well as to directly experience the benefits. As a coach, I appreciate her connecting the wisdom of mind and body in a way which made sense to both my brain and intuition. I would recommend this training to any heart-based coach who knows that there is much more to any client (or situation) than meets the eye.”

I welcome you to join us! All that is required is an open heart and mind.

To Register:

Date and Time: Saturday July 28 and Sunday July 29 (9:30am-5:00pm)

Location: YWCA, 733 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC (In the Canfor Meeting Room, G/F)

Registration:  $295

Other details: There will be a 90-minute lunch break. Please bring a water bottle and your own lunch or enjoy lunch at a nearby downtown restaurant. Wear indoor footwear (bring slippers if you wish) and layered clothing for maximum comfort.

Please contact me directly with any questions you may have.