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Constellation Coaching Circles

This is an ongoing series of online group workshops for coaches, facilitators, teachers, consultants, leaders and change-makers looking for a space to do truly transformational self work in a safe, supportive, like minded community. The over-arching aim is that our work together will ultimately lead to profound positive changes in the larger systems we are connected to.

This is rich opportunity to explore the power of ‘Systemic Constellations’ in a professionally facilitated online group workshop setting. Experiencing this empowering modality first-hand is the best way to understand the depth of how it works.

I (Kim) facilitate the circles in a way that allows everyone to participate at the level they are comfortable with, and I do my best to explain how this modality “works”, as different learning opportunities emerge. I use a coach approach that is in alignment with the ICF code of Ethics and Coach Competencies.

My aim is to share the what, why and how (theory, principles, examples, etc) of the deeper systemic flow and influences shaping our lives, in a way that allows you to deepen your trust and understanding of the process and build your confidence to implement the learning into your own life, and work as a change-maker going forward.

In addition to providing a safe, professional space for you to do your own work, each workshop is an opportunity to:

  • Experience the constellation method in a coaching (vs. therapeutic) context
  • Deepen your understanding of different constellation structures, formats and techniques
  • Observe and experience the basics of “Circle Technology”, group coaching and facilitation in action
  • Hone your awareness of the “field” and tune your “systemic sensing”
  • Work on your own coaching topic, and/or stand in as a representative for other participant’s explorations.

All that is needed for you to join one of these circles is an open mind, curiosity and willingness to explore this rich holistic method of human development. Expect that you will leave each circle with expanded awareness and a greater sense of connection and wholeness, than when you arrived.

For those registered in the ‘Coaching with Systemic Constellations’ training program, participation in a minimum of 3 ‘Constellation Coaching Circles’ is required to receive your ICF CCEU certification.

Space is reserved at 6 participants in each circle in order to maximize the time for each person to have a meaningful experience. Each circle begins with focusing and intention setting. You will have the opportunity to focus on your own work, support others, and reflect on the messages that the whole system is speaking through us. Each circle will complete with sharing of our personal experiences and declarations going forward.

The Constellation Coaching Circles are facilitated through the online platform Zoom. You will receive a link to join the workshop and get access to other resources upon registration.

This online program will begin early in 2020. Please opt in for an update and more information once the schedule has been finalized.