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Calling all coaches, teachers, healers, facilitators, heart-based leaders and conscious cultivators of light! 

Join me for a weekly dose of inspiration, focus and connection to the source within you! Get an empowered boost toward living your true Self and even further embodying your ever expanding potential ~ in all facets of life.

Self Empowerment Sundays are an opportunity to come together with a “light-minded” community sharing a common intention to reconnect and radiate with the wholeness of our essential nature.  These weekly gatherings are a space to practice stepping into our own truth and authenticity.

Each Sunday is an opportunity to deeply engage in the mindful, collective practice of allowing our unique light to shine.  It is a place to practice BEING and calling forth our own truth, gifts and greatest potential, and encouraging that in each other.

If ‘wholifying’ were a word, that’s how I’d describe what we’ll be doing…!

During each weekly live, online session, we will utilize the evolutionary structure of “Circle technology” to create a fun, respectful and confidential container of support for one another to experiment and evolve personally; and collectively.

The circle itself is a metaphor for wholeness, and it creates a special kind of focused time and space for us to access that wholeness within ourselves.  From this centered place, we can draw from the vast collective wisdom that is always available to us, but not always accessible given the distractions of daily life. Traditional cultures around the world have used the circle as a sacred space where community gathers together to support one another in meaningful, resonant, sharing, support, transformation and celebration. Our weekly circle creates an opportunity for each of us to reconnect to our own wholeness and then bring it forth and into our daily lives.

This light, mindful space for weekly connection and practice in our heart-based community carries the intention for each of us to further embody our highest-self in every aspect of our lives, outside of the circle, and into the week ahead. We will check-in with one another in each consecutive gathering to support accountability and continually deepen the level at which we resonate together.

Generally our weekly sessions will unfold in this way:

  • A centering activity and personal check in from each participant
  • Some sharing of ideas around the theme or topic to be explored
  • Intention setting around what each of us wants to gain from participation that week
  • A mindfulness practice and/or experiential component
  • Sharing wins, learning and insights
  • Declarations of how we will each carry our personal learning out into our life after that session
  • A closing exercise to send you into the week with energy and intention.

Each series of the ‘Self Empowerment Sundays’ program includes 5 live online sessions (2 hours each).  Every series is focused around a central theme, but also leaves space for topics to emerge from the group, as we develop deeper resonance with one another.

There is a maximum of 8 participants in each group, so as to allow time for maximum participation for everyone.

Participants have access to the workshop recordings and downloadable mindfulness practices that you can continue to use and benefit from even after the course completes.

Self Empowerment Sunday BONUS #1:

When you register for the first series Purpose, Values and Vision, you’ll receive my Values Discovery E-workbook for FREE! upon registering for this program  

Experiencing our True Self means being an open channel for receiving and transmitting value in the world, in every moment.  Values are the unique, intangible states that inspire, motivate, fulfill, and bring meaning to our lives. They define who we are at our essence. This workbook is designed to help you begin to consciously think through your values. When we put our attention on what is important to us, it naturally grows in our awareness and with time becomes a way of connecting even further to all life has to offer.

Self Empowerment Sunday BONUS #2:

You’ll also receive 30% off my “Essential Coaching Sessions” package.

For participants who want additional, personalized 1-1 support alongside the weekly Self Empowerment Sunday sessions, you are entitled to a 30% discount on my 3 session coaching packages.  Use this before, during or after the Self-Empowerment Sunday program series. 

Self Empowerment Sundays Schedule & Registration Information

All online programs and info sessions will be conducted via ZOOM, and you will be sent a link for the gatherings once you register. 


Series 1: Purpose, Values and Vision

Live online workshop dates: Every Sunday, January 19 – Sunday, February 23, 2020 (9am-11am PST)

Workshop fee: $220 CDN (Early Bird rate $180 CDN if you register before January 4!)

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Series 2: Intuition, Inner Wisdom & Higher Guidance

Live online workshop dates: Every Sunday, March 29 – Sunday, May 3, 2020 (Note: No session on Easter Sunday, April 12)

Time: 9-11am PST

Workshop fee: $220-75 CDN 

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Series 3: Self Love, Self Care & Boundaries

5 Live Online Workshop Dates: Every Sunday, June 14-July 12

Time: 9-11am PST

Workshop fee: Pay what you can (recommended $50-250)

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Series 4: Expanding Consciousness & Self-Healing Tools and Practices

Dates: Self Empowerment Sundays date info for second half of 2020 to be announced soon!

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