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Become who you really are.

Everyone can benefit from coaching.  As your professional coach Kim is an active thinking partner, 100% committed to you and your results.

Individual coaching is a confidential partnership focused on YOUR success, and one of the most powerful and personalized ways to advance yourself quickly – in any area.  The coaching conversations are driven by YOU.  You decide what you want to achieve, take action around and follow through on.

As your coach, Kim supports you to think creatively from new perspectives, clarify targets, plan strategically and catalyze the inner changes needed to make your goals a reality.  Solution focused methodologies put you in the driver’s seat of every conversation, and assist you to focus your attention on the ideal positive outcome you want to create for your future and the future of your projects.

You are the expert in your life and Kim brings confidential and advice free objectivity to your conversations.  You decide on the direction of the conversations and the results that will make the biggest difference in your life and projects.

Coaching provides an objective sounding board to provide deep listening, questions, thinking tools and structured conversations that allow you to tap into your whole-brained potential and create the results you want.

Kim’s passion is supporting leaders, coaches, facilitators, healers, teachers and people in roles that support and develop others.  If you want to further embody your best self and contribute even more powerfully to the lives and leadership of others, you’re in the right place!

Contact Kim here to set up a free call and explore what’s possible for you through our coaching conversations and what package would be the best fit based on your aims.

Online One-to-One Coaching Packages

Our sessions can happen anywhere in the world, over the internet. Sessions are 45 minutes each and can be purchased in packages of 6, 9 and 12 sessions, to be scheduled at your own pace.

Online coaching offers the flexibility and freedom for you to be on the move and supported by our empowering partnership – everywhere and anywhere. In the comfort of your own space, you can focus your energy and attention more easily and optimize outcomes, actions and results.

We will connect for coaching sessions using a simple online platform such as Webex or Skype. All you need is a computer, headset and an internet connection and we are ready to start! I’ll send you a link to join the session, and we’ll work together in real time using a shared whiteboard to visually map ideas, generate insights and draft plans. Amazing! You’ll receive the full set of session notes from your coaching sessions each time we meet.

Book a free info and strategy session to plan your next steps and get started here.

Reiki Coaching Package

These coaching sessions are similar to the ‘Online One-to-One Coaching’ package, with the additional benefit of empowering Reiki energy.

Reiki (Rei – Universal Life; Ki – Energy) is a holistic form of energy work that can be sent to you by distance.  It promotes relaxation, centering and deepening of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  Adding Reiki to your coaching sessions can support you to be more present, mindful and resourceful throughout the coaching conversation.  This in turn allows your coaching sessions to be deeper, more impactful, creative and enriching.

Kim is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner, and your session will start with her sending 15 minutes of relaxing and revitalizing Reiki energy to you.  You’ll continue to receive this empowering energy throughout your coaching session which will last an additional 45 minutes.

Choose from packages of 6, 9 and 12 sessions, to be scheduled at your own pace.

Online sessions are 60 minutes each (15 minutes of focused Reiki and 45 minutes of coaching supported by the continued sending of Reiki energy). Contact Kim here to set up a free introductory session to explore your goals, experience how this kind of coaching can work for you and get started.

Urban Coaching Adventures

Join Kim for an enriching, fully customized half day, full day or weekend one-to-one experience that incorporates focused coaching sessions and outdoor activity in the natural beauty that surrounds Vancouver, Canada.  Kim has led outdoor adventure and experiential programs in locations around the world.  Safety is always top priority and you are in very capable hands.  Kim’s expertise in outdoor leadership coupled with her coaching mastery ensures your time together will be transformative and unforgettable.

Intensive 1-1 coaching conversations, fresh air, physical activity and welcome time in nature all make this experience one that catalyzes powerful personal change, insights and results.  An Urban Coaching Adventure is an experience that can stand alone as a fast way to rejuvenate and get clarity, direction and a road map for action in any area of your life.  For those wanting ongoing coaching support, an Urban Coaching Adventure can mark a great start or finish to a longer term, online 1-1 coaching journey with Kim.

Walking.  The beautiful seawall, picturesque Stanley Park and many lovely beaches rimming Vancouver make for many different walking options.  Coaching sessions can happen both during the walk and/or during planned rest stops along the route.  For those ready for a bigger challenge a hike up the “Grouse Grind” provides a challenging hiking experience, breathtaking mountain-top views and an inspirational backdrop for a powerful coaching conversation.

Bicycling.  There are miles of bicycle paths surrounding Vancouver and following the coastal areas of the city.   Stopping points along the way can include beaches, parks, scenic lookouts and other ideal places for coaching sessions and rest breaks.

Kayaking.  Surrounded by beautiful and serene waterfront, Vancouver is an amazing place to experience and take in by sea kayak.  Sea birds, seals and other marine life make the experience even more enjoyable.  Depending on the day and the weather and sea conditions, False Creek, English Bay and Deep Cove are all options that make for great paddling and exploring.  Safe, stable and easy to maneuver, you can paddle your own single kayak or paddle together with Kim in a double sea kayak.

Kim works with you to plan a half day, full day or multiple day agenda that meets your needs.  The exact focus of the coaching and specific outcomes you want to achieve during your Urban Coaching Adventure will be clarified during a free 30-45 minute pre-program planning session (online or by telephone). The ratio of coaching time and activity time can be balanced in any way you wish and the intensity of the physical activities will be scaled to your desired level.

Half day Urban Coaching Adventures (3 hours); Full Day (6 hours); and 2 Day (6 hours/day) programs are available.

Kim can assist to arrange transportation, meals, accommodations and equipment rentals as needed.

Your Urban Coaching Adventure awaits! Contact Kim here to set up a free planning session to set up your program.