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Coach Mentoring

Inspiring a “coach-approach” everywhere!

Whether your aim is to become ICF certified, or to simply use a coaching style of communication in all the areas of your life and work, my coach mentorship sessions will expand your ability to champion the greatness in others.

As a Master Certified Coach, ICF Mentor Coach, Certified ICF Assessor, and trainer of ICF certified coach training programs, I am a leader in the field of coach development.

My group and 1-1 mentoring sessions are geared to assist you hone your skills and achieve ICF (International Coach Federation) certification, unless you express other coaching goals that you would prefer to move toward. Personalized, professional attention and standards of excellence empower you to learn and apply the coach mind-set according to your own area(s) of focus.

Private 1-1 Mentoring

1-1 mentoring sessions with me are 1 hour each and aligned with:
1) your goals as a coach, and 2) ICF standards and competencies. Sessions can be purchased in 1, 3 and 5 session packages, all to be scheduled at your own pace.

To get started, book a free 30 minute “Getting Started Session” with me so that we can meet each other; explore possibilities; clarify your goals, and determine how we might best move forward.

Group Mentoring Sessions

Group Mentoring Sessions are a lively, interactive and economical way to develop your coaching skills. My group mentoring sessions are 2 hours per session, with a maximum of 6 participants. The sessions focus on skill development through the ICF competencies and align with ICF standards.

You can use up to 4 hours of group mentor coaching towards the 10 hours of total mentoring needed to apply or recertify your ICF credential. Did you also know that you can apply up to 10 hours of mentoring towards the 40 hours of CCEs needed to recertify your credential every 3 years? You can!

Participants have shared that the cross pollination of different levels and abilities in the group makes our sessions even more dynamic and enriching. So for that reason, coaches aiming for ACC through to MCC are welcome to attend any of dates that work for you!

Register for each date individually by clicking on the dates you wish to register for below:

September 11, 2023 (9-11am Pacific)

October 18, 2023 (9-11am Pacific)

November 15, 2023 (9-11am Pacific)

December 7, 2023 (9-11am Pacific)


Mentoring for your Erickson International Coach Training Program Requirements (ICF ACTP/ACSTH Route)

Erickson International

If you are registered in an Erickson International ( coach training program, and want to book mentor sessions with me as a part of your completion requirements, I look forward to working with you as a mentor!

Click here to schedule a 1 hour ‘Erickson Mentor Session’ with me.

Note: You may schedule more than one session at a time (as defined by your Erickson program requirements), but please allow yourself enough time and space for additional coaching practice and integration between our sessions.

Click here to schedule a 2 hour ‘Double Erickson Mentor Session’ with me and your Erickson classmate.

Our sessions are one hour each, generally unfolding in this way:

  • 5 minutes getting clear what areas you have been intentionally working on, and what kind of feedback you are looking for during our session
  • 30 minutes listening to your recording (and if you wish, using a live chat area to provide real time feedback as we listen, such as: what is working well, Erickson structures to observe and develop fluency with, alternative questions patterns that could be drawn
    from in future sessions, etc)
  • 20 minutes of debriefing, starting with you sharing your observations, learning and questions, followed by me adding to this based on your requested areas of focus.
  • 5 minutes defining specific intentions for further integration and practice.

Additional Information:

  • Once scheduled, you will receive a Zoom link for us to connect at the time of our meeting
  • If you are doing a live coaching session, you can forward the same Zoom link to your client
  • If you are sharing a pre-recorded coaching session, you can email me the recording beforehand, at, or simply play the recording from your side when we meet
  • You may record the debriefing portion of our session for future review using the Zoom platform
  • You will also receive written feedback around key ICF competencies, and Erickson Proficiencies that would have the biggest positive impact on your coaching overall. Written feedback from our sessions will be uploaded into the Erickson Academy and available for you to download within 24 hours of our session.

If you have any additional questions regarding mentoring, please contact me.