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Inspiring a “coach-approach” everywhere!

Whether your aim is to become ICF certified, or to use coach approaches in your own leadership role in your company, Kim’s masterful mentorship coaching programs will expand your ability to champion the greatness in others.  Kim offers private and group mentor coaching sessions to support developing coaches, leaders and executives in building their coaching skills.

The ‘One to One Mentoring’ sessions and group ‘Coach Mentoring Circles’ are geared toward ICF (International Coach Federation) certification.  These sessions are focused on building skills around the ICF core competencies – at the ACC and PCC levels.

As a professional coach and ICF-ACTP coach trainer, Kim is a leader in the field of coach development.  Personalized, professional attention and second to none standards empower you to learn and apply the coach mind-set according to your own area of focus.

One to One Mentoring – Sessions are 1 hour each and crafted in alignment with: 1) your goals as a coach, and 2) in keeping with ICF standards and competencies.  Sessions can be purchased in 1, 3, 5 and 10 session packages, all to be scheduled at your own pace.

Book a free info session to explore the possibilities.

Coach Mentoring Circles – offer the added value of community, group synergy, discussion and sharing that happens by coming together as a group.  These circles are expertly facilitated to inspire and enhance your coaching skill sets, and build your comfort and confidence as a coach across a range of contexts.  There is a minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 participants.  Visit the Events page to find upcoming dates.