Enlightening Leaders Podcast #2: Francesca Mason Boring

podcast2In the Enlightening Leaders Podcast #2 I am pleased to share with you an interview with my dear teacher and mentor Francesca Mason Boring. Francesca is a bi-cultural author, international facilitator and trainer, is an enrolled member of the Shoshone Nation and a graduate of Washington State University. Francesca facilitates and teaches Family Constellation, Constellation as Ceremony, Nature Constellations, and Human Systems Constellation. Some of the topics in this podcast include:

  • An introduction to constellation work: What is constellation?
  • Whole systems: A place for everything and everybody
  • Specific examples, case studies and stories related to Francesca experience in the field
  • A short guided that offers an easy way to get a deeper/personal understanding of family constellation, and something you may share with your own clients
  • Recognition and applications of the work across different disciplines
  • Access to constellation work in North America
  • Sharing upcoming events and resources in the field

For more on Constellations, visit Francesca’s Website: http://allmyrelationsconstellations.com/ which also includes links and information on her books, media resources, trainings etc.

Francesca and I will both be presenting topics at the 2015 North American Systemic Constellations Conference, November 12-15, in San Diego, California! http://constellateus.com/conference2015home/