Enlightening Leaders Podcast #3: Christine Barry

3In this podcast I interview Body Talk practitioner, Christine Barry. Christine offers trans-formative and supportive energy alignment services to people who want to know and express their divine creative life potential with joy, integrity and grace. For almost 10 years, Christine has been facilitating effective life change for others through energy alignment sessions. She is certified as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Parama Practitioner, BodyTalk Instructor. She also supports clients at the soul level through Akashic Readings, and facilitates energy alignment sessions in Vancouver, BC and across the globe through distant offerings. This interview explores:

  • An introduction to Body Talk
  • The body mind connection
  • Exploring the nature of helping, healing and the role of humility and gratitude
  • How the healer’s own state serves and is part of every interaction with another
  • Heal the healer self work – what is “mine”, and what is “my client’s”
  • A simple technique you can use for your own daily balancing and share with your own clients.
  • Sharing upcoming events and resources – and a special offer for you, from Christine

For more information, visit Christine’s website: http://bcbodytalk.com/bcbodytalk.com/BCBodyTalk.html