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Free Ongoing Monthly ‘Reiki Group Practice Calls’

This free monthly “Reiki Group Practice Call” is for all of my past students to take part in. This a opportunity is a way for you to stay engaged, connected and growing in your Reiki practice! The best way to receive the benefits of this modality is to USE it, and I hope these calls inspire you to do just that!

The ZOOM calls are one (1) hour long, and are a chance to get reinspired, freshen your practice, answer question that are coming up for you, share Reiki experiences, send Reiki to one another and our world.

The days and times for this call vary during the year. I hope there will be some times that work with your own schedule, and you are able to join us.

Register here for each of the upcoming dates that you would like to take part in:

February 19, 2021 (9-10am PST)


March 18, 2021 (12-1pm PST)


April 9, 2021 (9-10am PST)