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Reiki means “Universal Life Energy”.  Anyone who is willing can learn to sense and direct this energy in life enriching ways. Many Reiki practitioners use Reiki in 1-1 healing sessions, or as a complimentary modality augmenting other approaches to health and wellness. Reiki improves health, strengthens the body’s energetic field around us and enhances quality of life.

In my own experience, Reiki has been an important key to energy awareness and self development.  I have come to realize that it also assists me as a trainer, coach and facilitator to hold a clean and empowered space for the individuals and groups I work with.  Reiki assists us to open the energetic channels within the body and to consciously expand into a more subtle way of sensing energy.  I have found that this supports me to better sense the energy of my clients and the energy of the groups I teach, facilitate and coach.  It allows me to self regulate in the moment and also, in turn regulate the energy of others I am working with in subtle but powerful ways.

As someone who is passionate about human potential, Reiki has been an integral part of my personal practice for more than 20 years. I travel internationally for work on a regular basis and I use Reiki to keep myself in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  It assists me to be more grounded, present and relaxed.

Because Reiki has been such an important doorway to my own development, I want to make this online program available so that you can also use Reiki to further empower yourself and others.

This online training program will certify you in the first 2 Reiki Levels (Level I and II practitioner).  You will learn to use Reiki for yourself and others both in person, and across time and space.  We will explore the many ways that you can apply this energy personally and professionally in your life.


What’s included in the course?

Level I & Level II Attunements:

A major aspect of becoming a Reiki practitioner is receiving the Reiki attunements from a Reiki Master that open energy channels in your body to support the flow of energy through you and your hands so that you can direct this energy safely. You will receive four attunements (by distance) from me over the course of the program: Three Level I attunements; and the Level 2 attunement. You will get specific instructions once you register for the program about how to prepare and receive these beautiful and empowering attunements from the comfort of your own home.

Live Online Small Group Training:

In addition to these important attunements there will be 3 online group training sessions of 2 hours each.

45 minute personalized 1-1 Reiki mentor session with Kim:

Each participant receives a 45 minute personalized mentor session with me (scheduled upon completion of the program) where we can focus on any specific personal questions you may have, and explore your unique gifts and ways to take these forward after the course.

Weekly Reiki energy sent to you for the duration of the program, beginning the day before the first class and ending the day of the final live class.

Certificate and Letter of Completion:

Upon completion (full attendance required) you will receive a Certificate of Completion for Reiki Level I & II as well as a letter of confirmation and congratulations.


Online Training Sessions – Program Outline:

You will receive a Reiki Level I, II Manual that includes the content covered in the live training in more detail.

In the Level I portion of the program (Session 1), you will:

  • Receive the first of the Level I Reiki Attunements (by distance)
  • Learn about the history of Reiki
  • Learn “The Reiki Principles”
  • Practice body “scanning” for self and others
  • Learn and practice Reiki hand positions for self healing and healing friends, family and pets etc.
  • Discuss self care for Reiki practitioners
  • Explore the human chakra system and the layers of the human energy system
  • Learn the steps to do a “chakra balancing” using Reiki
  • Participate in empowering meditations and affirmations
  • Further refine your intuition, gifts and capacity to sense energetically
  • Learn the basics of ‘energetic hygiene”

In the Level II portion of the program (Session 2 & 3), you will:

  • Receive the final Level I Reiki Attunement (by distance)
  • Receive the Level II Reiki Attunement (by distance)
  • Learn and practice with the Reiki II symbols
  • Learn to send Reiki across distance and through time
  • Learn to use a “proxy” to send Reiki over distance
  • Practice distance Reiki sessions with classmates
  • Discover and brainstorm other creative ways to support health and wellness using Reiki and Reiki symbols
  • Learn to use a pendulum
  • Discuss basics of using crystals and gemstones to augment your use of Reiki
  • Learn to connect with your Reiki “guide(s)”

In your personalized 1-1 mentor session (following the completion of the course) you will decide the areas of focus and how you want to use our 45 minutes together.  This may include:

  • Specific personal questions you may have
  • Deepening your understanding of the content covered and how to apply it
  • Further exploring your unique Reiki gifts
  • Next steps from here
  • Other…


FALL 2020 Course Offering:

3 Live Online Classes: Saturdays (October 10, 17 & 24) 3pm-5pm Pacific Time
1 x ‘One-to-one Reiki Coaching or Reiki Mentoring Session (to be booked at your convenience, once the classes have begun)

Course Fee: $250 CDN