Custom Programs

Holistic programs that inspire and empower.

If you want to create an extraordinary space to learn together, co-create the ‘next level’ and develop practical roadmaps for change, then you are in the right place!  We assist you in carefully clarifying the aims and objectives that become the drivers in our work with you and your group. To ensure value, our multi-faceted consultation process helps pinpoint the key objectives and outcomes that will have the greatest positive impact. Here’s how we’ll work together:

Step 1: Consultation and Needs Assessment – We take a coach-like approach to our consultation process. Though relevant questioning and lots of listening, we help to clarify and define your vision, aims and expectations for the program(s) you want. Through the consultation process, we assist you to target key goals, timeframes, budget and overall aims and direction. We can also conduct a variety of other needs assessments and provide program recommendations based on these results.

Step 2: Program and Service Recommendations – From the consultation and needs assessment processes, we will provide you with flexible options that can then be tailored to your satisfaction. Programs elements can include:

  • Training, facilitation and coaching (individual, group and team) modalities
  • Online, in-person and mixed delivery
  • On-site, off-site and retreat settings
  • Experiential, nature and adventure-based activities
  • 1 or more days of programming

Step 3: Program Design & Development – We look after all of the logistics, planning, preparation and administrative considerations leading up to the program, as outlined in the program proposal.

Step 4: Program Delivery – We provide experienced and engaging leaders, trainers, facilitators and coaches to guide and support every aspect of your program from start to finish. Flexibility, open communication and feedback loops are incorporated into at all stages of the program.

Step 5: Monitoring, Follow-Up, Reporting and Recommendations – We’ll document the key ideas, outcomes and actions created during the program, as well as report on other metrics you may wish to monitor. Follow-up coaching and other services that enhance learning retention and ongoing engagement can also be built into the program or added once the program is set in motion.

Contact us to set up an appointment to explore more around what’s possible.