Friday 06 January 2023

Coaching With Systemic Constellations FREE Webinar

Join me for a live introductory webinar to learn more about “Coaching with Systemic Constellations”. On this live call I plan to share around the following topics:

What we’ll explore in this session:

  • “Holding the paradox” ~ defining systems & systemic
  • What is a constellation?
  • Why Solution Focused?
  • Systemic Constellations and Systemic Principles
  • Applications within a coaching context
  • A mindfulness experience to explore and expand systemic awareness
  • Upcoming 9 week online training for coaches & another special offer to experience the work with me first-hand.
  • Q&A

There will be a replay of the webinar available for those who register. I hope to see you there!

Register here:

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