Systemic Coaching

This innovative coach training program is designed to introduce advanced coaches to the powerful methodology of ‘Systemic Constellation’. This work has long been used in therapeutic settings, but it is only recently becoming recognized for its potential in the field of coaching and as a tool for expanding consciousness.

Poised on the leading edge of human evolution, systemic constellations is a methodology that can be implemented in alignment with International Coach Federation Competencies. This work aids the emergence of valuable insights, information and ideas in a coaching session. The method assists coaches and clients to explore the larger fields of information operating behind the scenes of any given topic, and illuminate the deeper systemic influences at play. This empowering way of exploring context will offer rich new perspectives, insights and ideas for you and your clients to consider in order to make better choices. The constellation method unlocks potential; assists with problem solving; shifts limiting patterns and much more.

Who should attend this training?

This advanced coach training is for experienced coaches who are ready to take their coaching to the next level. It is designed to stretch, inspire and evolve you both personally and professionally.

To learn and use this holistic method effectively, it is necessary to realize that the quality of the space we hold for our clients is directly related to the wholeness we are able to embody within ourselves. This program is highly experiential and as we learn the foundations, the first work we will do is on ourselves. The program will expand your ability to hold the paradox of both linear and non-linear view-points simultaneously. This, in turn supports a deepening of our subtle awareness and enhances our ability to sense the systemic influences that pervade the systems we wish to support.

We will be experimenting with, and developing this subtle systemic awareness throughout the program, with a special emphasis on exploring how this very embodied work can be done online equally as effectively as it can be done in person.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for coaches who are serious about facilitating change. Participants should be willing to step into a high degree of presence, openness, empathy and vulnerability in order to maximize their own learning experience, and the experiences of the other learners.

A certificate of Completion and ICF-CCE credits are available for this program

This program has been approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), which means that participants who complete all of the requirements of the course will receive a total of 28 ICF CCEs (Core Competencies: 17 CCEs / Resource Development: 11 CCEs).


Coaching with Systemic Constellations
2024 Spring Online Program

9 Live Online Classes (Theory Component):

  • Saturdays (9am-12pm Pacific Time)
  • April 6, 13, 20; May 4, 11, 18 and; June 1, 8 & 15, 2024

3 x 2 hr. Online “Constellation Circles” (Experiential Component)

  • Saturdays (9am-11am Pacific Time)
  • April 27, May 25 and, June 22

2 x 45 min. ‘One-to-one Coaching or Mentoring Sessions’

  • To be booked at your convenience, once the classes have begun, and within 2 months of the final class.

Course Fee: $1350 CDN

Early Bird Price: $1200 CDN (until midnight Pacific Time, March 3, 2024)

Contact me directly for more information and to receive more information on the course components and syllabus or register for one of the upcoming information webinars here.

What previous participants have shared about this program:

“Experiential. Ground-breaking. Excellent for intuitive coaches or other people-workers ? A great combination of learning new information and skills while experiencing actual benefit from the work itself. “

“Kim is an awesome leader, coach, mentor and workshop facilitator. She teaches from her heart. I highly recommend seeking her assistance and attending her workshops.”

“This workshop was a profound experience for me. Kim artfully held space for us to learn about the Constellations work intellectually as well as to directly experience the benefits. As a coach, I appreciate her connecting the wisdom of mind and body in a way which made sense to both my brain and intuition. I would recommend this training to any heart-based coach who knows that there is much more to any client (or situation) than meets the eye.”

“The course was multidimensional and made me start coaching every client in a multidimensional way. Professionally, the course equipped me with additional tool set to use when coaching can not dig deeper any further. I added the constellation principles to the coaching ones and all my ICF competencies expanded. … I enriched my coaching questions with the ones pertaining to constellations and the power became even more transformative. I listened on a higher than 3 level, imagining all ancestors of the client and all the systems and linkages. … Direct communication became easier to express, knowing that so much is below the surface of the visible to the mind. The action steps of the client were reached to with greater motivation to actually do them. Personally, this course allowed me to unveil long hidden subconscious issues that hindered my personal development, messed up my personal relationships and professional expression. The course assisted me to become a better human being and it resulted in unleashing of my unique human doing. :)“

“The course and Kim are amazing. The 3 months during the program, are really transformative for me personally and for my coaching business. I am now more balanced, grounded, deep listener to the system signs as a coach and this increase the trust in my coaching relationships even more. Kim is fantastic trainer by providing all the details, materials, demos, support, mentoring and coaching to support us a group and individually to start practicing the principles, methods and techniques immediately after the training session. Kim and the training I would highly recommended for everybody that wants to achieve PCC and MCC levels- this was the most transformational, enjoyable and knowledgeable training so far for me. I am so grateful to be able to participate in the first group and to learn from Kim.”