Welcome! These 4 Mindfulness practices were recorded as a part of Erickson Coaching International’s 40th Anniversary Celebration and movement to support our community during the global COVID 19 crisis. I am offering them to you here for free, to use and modify or build into your own mindfulness practices in any way that works for you.

    Each of the 4 practices are grounded in Dr. Marilyn Atkinson’s 4 Quadrant Model of human development. You can learn more about Erickson’s Programs: “The Art and Science of Coaching” and  “The Art and Science of Mindfulness” here: www.erickson.edu.

    In addition to the 4 Mindfulness Practices, I’ve also included two introductory videos for you. The first explains a little more about Mindfulness and how it can support us to move beyond the pendulum trap of polarity thinking, and instead observe the experiences of our lives from a place of expanded awareness, wholeness and choice.  The second video shares more around the structure of Dr. Marilyn Atkinson’s 4 Quadrant Model and how this provides a framework for development of the mind.

    The more we direct our mind to pay attention to our values, who we want become and envision what we want our life to be, the more we are building neuropathways and positive habits into our body mind system that support experiencing more of what we want in our day to day going forward.

    I hope you find these recordings valuable and enjoyable!

    With gratitude,