10 Practices to Empower Your PRESENCE

Being in service begins with being present, grounded and centered. This FREE GUIDE will help you to stay balanced, connected more deeply to life and your own inner guidance, and access states of relaxation and flow.

    As someone dedicated to expanding human potential and evolving consciousness, I believe that those of us who are in roles that assist people to grow and develop have an obligation to continually be evolving our own selves first.

    Effective leadership, teaching, coaching, facilitation, healing and being in service to self and others in any capacity begins with being present, grounded and centered. These qualities are cornerstones of wholeness and mindfulness.

    Smile, breathe and go slowly.” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

    The evolution of our consciousness depends greatly on our ability to be present. The more present, centered and grounded we are, the more balanced we feel, and the better we are able to perceive and respond harmoniously (rather than react) to whatever situation we might find ourselves in.

    Being present allows us to connect more deeply to life and to our own inner guidance. Presence allows us to access states of relaxation and flow that are conducive to healing body, mind, spirit and emotions. This is beneficial to our own evolution and ultimately supports the evolution of all life.

    These simple “presencing” practices are ones I have collected over many years and they have been of great support to me both personally and professionally. I want to share them with you, my fellow leaders, educators, healers, facilitators, and coaches – so that you may support others to do the same. Enjoy!