My Enlightened Warrior Weapon of Choice

As someone who is passionate about unleashing human potential, I have explored many different self help modalities and Reiki has been an integral part of my personal practice for more than 20 years. It is still one of the most powerful and essential life enhancing tools that I take everywhere. Reiki has been a major key to my own inner development.

I know there are many people out there who write off Reiki as something too “woo-woo” to be taken seriously.  Admittedly, I have labored in the past over whether or not to advertise my status as a Reiki Master Teacher too publicly.  I worried I would not being taken seriously by people in ‘professional’ circles.

If my truth be told, Reiki has been such an important part of my own development as an individual and a leader that I believe it is really a missed opportunity for those who dismiss it too quickly.  In fact, I dare to say that all leaders in today’s professional, stressful and complex environments would benefit from adding it to their own skill set, alongside other mindfulness practices and emotional intelligence tools.

Reiki means “Universal Life Energy” and anyone who is willing can learn to perceive and direct this energy in many useful ways.  Reiki can be used for self healing treatments and as a complementary modality augmenting other approaches to health and wellness.  In many countries around the world, nurses and other medical practitioners are trained in Reiki as part of their everyday tool kit, and of course anyone can use it to support the well-being of friends, family, pets and loved ones.

Reiki promotes relaxation, improves overall health, strengthens the body’s energetic field and ultimately enhances one’s quality of life.  I have found that giving myself regular Reiki treatments assists me to be more grounded, present and rested, which in turn supports my body’s immune system and self healing ability to function optimally.

My work requires that I travel internationally on a regular basis, and airports, time zone changes, restaurant food and other business travel challenges can take their toll.  I use Reiki to keep myself in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually throughout my travels, and honestly, I can’t imagine doing without it.

Reiki has also been an important key to my own self development.  For me, self treatments have become a kind of mindfulness practice that improves mental clarity and enhances creativity, flexibility and resilience.  The practice of using Reiki on myself and others has improved my intuitive abilities and  increased my awareness and understanding of energy both internally – within my own self, and externally – in relation to others and in the space around me.

I have also come to realize that Reiki assists me as a trainer, coach and facilitator to hold a clean and empowered space for the individuals and groups I work with.  This subtle awareness allows me to better sense the energy of my clients and the energy of the groups I teach, facilitate and coach.  It allows me to self regulate in the moment, and to modulate the energy of the group to be in the most resourceful collective state as possible.  Many people know my training and facilitation style to be very energizing and dynamic, and they often ask me how I do it… so there you have it folks — Reiki is a big part of my secret formula!

Experience it for yourself…I offer an online coaching package that includes Reiki.  Starting every coaching session with a short distance Reiki treatment takes the whole coaching experience to a deeper level.  I also teach Reiki individually and in groups to people who want to learn to use this empowering energy system.  If you are interested in learning to use Reiki energy for yourself please get in touch.

AND, for those of you who do ALREADY practice Reiki, organize online Reiki practitioner sharing circles on a regular basis.  I’d love to hear your experience of how Reiki has served you in your life and work and to support everyone to share and learn from each other.  I am looking forward to hearing from you on this!